Dance Challenge Pack (with Hip Hop Abs and Rockin Body!). It will also prevent you from skipping a day if you aren’t a fan of the music (or any other excuse) because the routines alternate. Rockin’ Body. We’re also Elite Independent Beachbody Coaches. With their motivation and support, I have not only stayed on track myself, but now I’m helping others reach their fitness and health goals! This workout calendar is a Rockin Body and Hip Hop Abs hybrid. If anything, it just means your abs may tire a little … In other words, if you do P90X Chest & Back on Tuesday, Wednesday should not be Body Beast Build: Back. Cize Workout Workout Schedule Workout Tips Party Express Hiit At Home Workout Plan For Women Planet Fitness Workout Partying Hard Social Emotional Learning. 31:15. It’s a 7 day workout calendar and has workout days on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I purchased this because of a new years resolution to lose weight. Be a badass with a good ass. – Lwyrgrl, I have been a dancer for many years and wanted something to get me up and about after having my baby!!!! Saved by 💕Jessica💕 1. I love this program. They have offered so many amazing training opportunities which have helped me step out of my comfort zone and build my confidence as a leader. Wed – Disco Groove & Hard Core Abs. Shaun T’s Rockin’ Body. 25. Scroll . Required fields are marked *. Find Rockin' Body: Includes 3 Workouts DVD Format at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray. The Rockin Body fitness program is intended as a calorie-burning, fat-reducing cardiovascular exercise program. For I have a son and daughter and my husband and I are new empty nesters! Thurs – Party Express & Disco Groove With your determination and my motivation, we can find and keep the best YOU! Thurs – Party Express & Booty … Click here to Shop! We're a mother-daughter team focused on simplifying healthy living. Workout calendar rockin body results beachbody dvd exercise pack 3 sets rockin body slim in 6 22 rockin body w shaun t dvd 3 workouts rock it out Whats people lookup in this blog: Rockin Body Workout Schedule You can my review on Hip Hop Abs, also by Shaun T, here. Tue – Shaun T Dance Party Article by Mykala Smith. Beginners’ Rockin Body Workout Schedule; Need a program for one of the Beachbody hybrid workouts? Similar to Total Body, this workout can be done anytime the schedule calls for a full body workout, or to make up for a missed workout. and Rock It Out on Day Four. during this super-fun 45-minute workout. Have you taken your measurements as well? Cize Workout Workout Schedule Workout Tips Party Express Workout Plan For Women Planet Fitness Workout Partying Hard Social Emotional Learning Lose Weight At Home. Wed – Shaun T Dance Party We have been together for over 28 years and married for 23 (yes, he had me at “hello!”). yourself dancing the night away at Studio 54 and the 35 minutes will go by Sounds simple, but so many workouts performed by women are way off the mark, even when they are designed specifically for women. You get 25% off all of your products, and it’s a great way to stay motivated! Punch Kick Jam + 3T 3.) Rockin At The Rock Fitness Sports Center Shaun t hip hop abs workout calendar free p90x doubles workout schedule blog body beast workout schedule print your index of wp content uploads 2017 03. Whats people lookup in this blog: Rockin Body Workout Schedule Pdf It’s important to note that on the Mon – Party Express & Hard Core Abs Rockin Body Schedule, you’ll often be doing two routines on the same day. So, if you’re a looking to have some fun while you burn calories, you should look at this beginning/intermediate Rockin Body schedule work out program for beginners/intermediate. the later weeks, you will be performing them at faster tempos that will The first real workout is a 25-minute, high tempo workout. The Original Rockin Body Workout Calendar . First he captured the hearts, abs and bodies of millions with Hip Hop Abs, and now his fans are going insane with his Insanity Workout. Don’t get me wrong though…I was a Doritos and Coca Cola eating Hoover when I was in school! Sunday – Rest. I have the 3 best jobs in the world—being a stay-at-home Mom, business owner, and group exercise instructor for several large fitness chains. 2. Watch this video. Thurs – Party Express & Booty Time Hi! LEARN MORE → The Workout. These are not complicated workouts and are easy to follow along with in the comfort and privacy of the home. It`s fantastic. The most challenging for me is the 6 sets of push-ups (10 reps each) followed by work in the plank position. I’ve never felt or looked better, and I love being a part of their coaching team! The workout calendar is a 4 week advanced programme, which focuses on the whole body and getting it done. I have also had the great opportunity to train, inspire, and motivate other instructors for the past 11 years. Learn how to eat High Fat, Low Carb and quit dieting. Rockin Body Workout Program Scheduler Body Beast Workout Schedule Print Your Books Trainers4me The Best At Home Workouts To Keep Your Body Rockin Hard Rock Hotels How Beachbody On Demand Compares To Daily Burn The Fitness Focus Insanity Calendar 60 Day Workout Schedule … I just turned 44! We suggest you complete at least one round of one of your chosen programs before combining them to ensure that you are physically and mentally prepare… - Mark, Move & Groove (15 minutes): Shaun will have you dancing and sweating with his breakthrough Mark It and Move It technique. Shaun T Rockin Body Workout Schedule. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Released by BeachBody in 2008, it is as popular today as it was back then, which is a rarity in an industry that continuously releases new fitness … For example, you might do Party Express and Disco Groove on Day Six, or Booty Time … Rockin' Body - 7 Workouts on 2 DVDs. Cardio Party 1 + Disco Groove 2.) The Rockin Body workouts are not going to be extreme or too advanced, and they would be great for a beginner or someone needing to lose a significant amount of weight. Shaun T is a little cheesy, but a great coach to workout too! Workout calendar rockin body results beachbody dvd exercise pack 3 sets rockin body w shaun t dvd 3. We also do a monthly challenge and giveaway to whoever is crushing their goals! 9. Tues – Shaun T Dance Party You can also find us on Facebook for additional support. Time: 22:38 . I really hope to drop 15 lbs in 30 days. Weight Training Frequency: Each muscle group/body … This dance workout combines exercise moves along with dance moves in order to lose weight. Feb 11, 2014 - Rockin’ Body Schedule - I just saved as a png and printed. My name is Melissa McAllister. I’d say Rockin Body is a little bit more in-depth and a little harder than Hip Hop Abs. how long before you see results with ROCKIN BODY? Here’s your sculpting and toning day. Rockin’ Body. 25. a 10-minute abdominal workout. The overall theme of the fitness program is dance-based, hence, the majority of movements and exercises are dance-oriented. Here is how to train and eat like “The Rock.” Note: This is an intense workout. Book Virtual . Eldora Abasta December 13, 2017. When performing ab exercises at the end of a workout, your abs may be a little tired from some of the earlier exercises, but this is not really a problem. Tues – Rock it Out Workout Session Workout Duration; Booty Time ≅ 30 mins: Hard-Core Abs ≅ 10 mins: Shaun T’s Dance Party ≅ 45 mins: Rock It Out ≅ 45 mins: Disco Groove ≅ 35 mins: Party Express ≅ 25 mins: Mark, … Rockin' Body … Also, remember to … Weekly Schedule: It’s 2 total weight training workouts per week (both of which are full body) ideally done with 2-4 days off in between each workout. I’m currently doing the 30 plan. We're Kim & Kalee Sorey! We’re a mother-daughter duo focused on healthy living & at home workouts! (The Rockin Body Schedule is just one from my Beachbody Hybrid Schedules from the Fitness page). I seem to lose my lower body weight 1st and I hate that! Whats people lookup in this blog: Rockin Body Deluxe Workout Schedule Learn more about us and our team here. The same caution should extend to the creation of a hybrid workout schedule. If you like dancing and want to lose weight you should definitely buy this product! Homer Rovero November 12, 2017. “Party Guide” which is a small booklet on what to eat at those rockin’ parties you will absolutely never…ever be invited to. I need to lose upper body weight! Fitness is a journey. I am following the program and I am to eat 1300 calories a day. There’s your breakdown. Your email address will not be published. Fri – Shaun T Dance Party Mon – Party Express & Hard Core Abs BodyRock is your 24-hour fitness coach and workout buddy, offering high-intensity interval training exercises to help you reach your goals. Shaun T is a little cheesy, but a great coach to workout too! Punch Kick Jam + 3T 3.) Discover (and save!) Shaun T’s Rockin’ Body. Have you thought about coaching for Beachbody? Hi! Imagine Jill Carothers, Kim and Kalee Sorey are absolutely awesome! Turbo Jam-Rockin' Body-HHA-YBB-P90X Workout Schedule Sunday, February 24, 2008 Week 1 1.) Shaun T Rockin Body Workout Schedule Pdf. We’re Kim & Kalee Sorey! Yelena Carza March 6, 2017. It is not a good workout for beginners or those who don't workout at all. Just follow this simple workout calendar and you'll be on your way to your very own Rockin' Body. 24/7 Online Support Stay inspired with round-the-clock access to fitness … Schedule at least one day of recovery each week. Years of marital counselling sold separately. This is because this is the same Shaun T that also made INSANITY (which is an extreme fitness program that is very intense) and Hip Hop Abs, both work out … Wed – Disco Groove & Hard Core Abs Rockin Body Workout Infomercial krystal edwards. Thur – Booty Time & Rock it Out We're also Elite Independent Beachbody Coaches. Thursday – Stretch 40 & Core 20. Workout. Shaun T's Rockin Body DVD Workout is a dance-based fitness program that will tone your muscles and help you to lose weight. Week 1 Cardio Party Remix + Lower Body Jam + Hips Buns Thighs 6.) I was doing 1200. You’ll be having so much fun at the Rockin Body. Rockin Body Workout Schedule. Rockin’ Body by Shaun T weight loss program review: As soon as I got wind of that former track star Shaun T had created this weight loss program I knew without a shadow of a doubt that it was going to be very effective. Do not target the same primary muscle group in back-to-back workouts. My mom and I host a free fitness group through Beachbody if you’d like daily support and accountability. I couldn’t tell you next Fall’s latest fashion must have or what flowers to plant this season, but I can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. I really hope to drop 15 lbs in 30 days. You’ll be completing Rockin Body Workout Schedule. Sat – Booty Time & Rock it Out, Week 3 A fusion of Pilates, cardio and strength training this workout … Shaun T has also included a healthy eating guide complete with recipes to encou… They gave me the confidence to become a coach and have been valuable mentors ever since. Total Body Burn + Turbo Sculpt 4.) Your legs will thank you. and intricate moves require sturdy shoes and uninhibited movement.