Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed. Very drought tolerant, early spring green-up, heat resistant MERCURY – A-LIST! Crop Science 44: 1299-1306). 15% Premium Perennial Ryegrass. Created with Sketch. 15% Primary Perennial Ryegrass. Jonathan Green 10323 Black Beauty Ultra Mixture [su_highlight background=”#e2f0fc”]This Kentucky bluegrass seed featuring a three variety turf type. In addition, this particular grass seed can withstand high traffic, so it is the perfect choice for golf courses, parks, or backyards. Kentucky Bluegrass Trials . Leaf Spot . It progressively reduces the water and while waiting for germination it can keep the seed moist. Hydro Seed Mixture . Midnight NuDestiny NuGlade Perfection Odyssey Rugby II Rhythm* Right Skye • Aggressive lateral growth • High shoot density • Very wear tolerant • Quickly knit sod and repair • May predominate in blend A-34 Champlain Jefferson P-105 Washington Compact P-105 Type SR 2284 – A-LIST! North Central. Ryan Johnson mowing at 1.25". Starting at $6.00) Current Stock: Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity: Add to Wish List. It can make a great companion grass if you’re thinking of seeding with multiple varieties. Kentucky Bluegrass turf grass forms a thick carpet that will stand up to the abuses of athletic fields and high traffic. Plant Rate of 2 - 3 lbs per 1,000 Sq. MIDNIGHT is probably the most known because of its dark blue-green color. 20% Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass. 5 product ratings. Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass. Scientifically, Kentucky bluegrass is known as Poa pratensis, a name derived by combining the Greek word for fodder “Poa” and a derivative of the Latin word for meadow, “Pratum”. Contact TMI for more information about how Blueberry can help you – and your customers – achieve perfect results. The deep green blades can often look as though they’ve got a blue hue, from which the name comes. $29.95. Kentucky Bluegrass, Midnight. Our Northwest Turfgrass Seed Blend is a mixture of Kentucky bluegrass seeds, perennial ryegrass seeds, and creeping red fescue seeds. 0 users rated this 4 out of 5 stars 0. Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass. Outsidepride provides the Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed in the package of the 5 lbs and 10 lbs. Breeding for darker green verdure in Kentucky blue - grass varieties is one focus of the Rutgers turfgrass breeding program. Bolt . Originally introduced in 1983, Midnight is a cross between Glade Kentucky bluegrass and a single bluegrass plant found in old turf in the National Mall in Washington DC, Midnight continues to rank at the top of successive NTEP bluegrass trials compared to the newest and best elite bluegrass cultivars. June 13, 2020 | No Comments | Episodes. 25% Premium Perennial Ryegrass. University trials have documented Midnight's heat and drought tolerance. When selecting a KBG cultivar it is important to choose one of the new elite varieties. It has a high tiller density that can handle the high traffic of sports applications. In the transition zone (the coast of the Atlantic through Kansas), summer days tend to be too hot and arid for Kentucky bluegrass. Its dark genetic color, heat tolerance, and ability to spread via underground stems known as rhizomes make it my number one choice for Connecticut lawns. This Compact Midnight Type Kentucky Bluegrass has proven disease resistance and is tops in Spring green-up! Its beautiful dark green color, soft texture, disease resistance, cold tolerance, and easy of establishment make it a top lawn choice. Poa pratensis Kentucky Bluegrass is typically a dark, rich green color lawn grass with a soft, fine blade. Leaf texture . 4 users rated this 5 out of 5 stars 4. Baron Kentucky Bluegrass. This diversity will help your lawn adapt to any number of cloudy, misty days. Everest Mazama . Create New Wish List; Description . 2 - Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed - 5 Lbs. Beyond . This is the result of the encounter. Which Grass to Choose. Granite Kentucky Bluegrass. Best Certified Seed: SeedRanch Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed. Kentucky bluegrass prefers full sun, but some varieties can do well in lightly shaded areas. Midnight set the standard for dark green color in Kentucky bluegrass. Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass **Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass will not be available for the 2020 se... Out of stock 68. Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass is very dark green and, although they dont usually resume growth until late spring, tolerate high temperatures. Baron Kentucky Bluegrass. This bluegrass seed produces a deep green lawn that is soft to walk on. Not only is a Midnight Bluegrass lawn durable, but it is equally as beautiful with dark, blue-green, fine leaf blades. Evergreen Fescue Mix 40% Arid 3 Turf-type Fescue 40% Thunderstruck Turf-type … * Cultivars within their types showed high genetic similarities (Curley, J. and G. Jung. 20% Rugby II Kentucky Bluegrass. Experimental Designation: PST- 1528T Probably the most outstanding feature of Midnight Bluegrass is its unusually dark blue-green color, making it the darkest bluegrass available. 25% Primary Perennial Ryegrass . Midnight Kentucky bluegrass seed is one of the highest rated perennial grass seeds on the market today in many NTEP evaluations. With its rapid establishment and ability to withstand adverse conditions, this variety will fit almost any need you might have. The majority of the seeds of the sod/mat-forming grass now come from Idaho, Washington, and Oregon although it can still be found growing widely on the verdant hills of Kentucky. Its beauty and performance have stood out in NTEP, private, and university trials for more than 20 years….Midnight is what other bluegrasses strive to be! MILAGRO Kentucky Bluegrass is an ‘outside-the-box variety’. Whether to choose tall fescue or Kentucky bluegrass largely depends on where you live. Brooklawn Kentucky Bluegrass. Midnight types are known for slower green-up compared to other types. Midnight NuGlade . Compact Midnight Type. Transition Zone. Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed. Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass seed is used by turf professionals and home owners alike. Colem2ad Posts: 4 Joined: Thu Apr 04, 2019 7:15 pm Location: Appomattox, CA Grass Type: Kentucky Blue Grass/ Zoysia Lawn Size: 2000-4000 square ft Mower: Poulan Pro Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass. 2004. item 1 Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed - 1 Lb. 4.2. 1 - Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed - 1 Lb. Spring Green-up . Midnight is also a solid choice for establishing new turf areas and overseeding existing turf on athletic fields, golf courses and commercial landscapes. Kentucky Bluegrass is the Cadillac of northern grasses. This is a great product that comes to you certified and thoroughly tested. Kentucky bluegrass rhizomes typically have a two-year lifespan. Use a seed spreader to spread Kentucky Bluegrass seed over the entire lawn, being especially mindful to get plenty of seed in the thin and bare spots. Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Poa pratensis Plant Breeder: Dr. William Meyer - Pure Seed Testing, Inc. You can make your lawn thick, green and dark by making use of this Poa pratensis. Plant Rate of 2 - 3 lbs per 1,000 Sq. Ratings and Reviews. item 2 Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed - 5 Lbs. Versatile performer in all conditions for all locations Details. Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass is an outstanding cultivar that shows good resistance to leaf spot and stem rust, stripe smut and dollar spot. Look on the seed tag label of many grass seed mixes, including shade and sun & shade mixes, and you'll find KBG varieties mixed with other cool-season grasses. As the most consistent trial leader in overall quality, Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass is the cultivar to which other bluegrasses have been compared for decades. $14.95. Granite Kentucky Bluegrass is a dark green, wear tolerant bluegrass... $29.99 5 lbs. In the warm early hours of a summer morning in 2005, Russell County deputy… Read More. It has performed extremely well in the south alongside some very stiff competition. Use 3 pounds of Kentucky Bluegrass seed for each 1,000 square feet of lawn. It also has high disease resistance and salt tolerance, perfect if you live close to the coast. Overview. It was developed for tolerance to salt, lower inputs, and use in droughty conditions. Midnight Kentucky bluegrass. Free shipping. Midnight is the strongest performing, most popular elite Kentucky bluegrass ever developed. The return of Midnight in Kentucky is nigh, and we bring with us from the void a tale of bluegrass high strangeness rivaling the most seminal UFOlogical events, straight from the witness himself. You can apply it to athletic fields, parks, golf courses, parks and home lawns. Bonaire Kentucky Bluegrass. We’ve got a Serious Werewolf Problem. Genetic clustering was highest in Midnight > … Its turf quality makes it a great choice for sod production. Bluebank Blue Note . Actual close-ups of Midnight Kentucky bluegrass Rated top variety overall for NTEP 1996-2000 Details. If you mix this seed with tall fescue seeds, you will get an even better result. NTEP trials confirm that Blueberry is a superior Compact Midnight Type Kentucky Bluegrass for quality, density, color and green-up. High Input (a) Low Input (b) Northeast . ft. Kentucky Bluegrass is known as a very good looking lawn, while also being super hardy and having the ability to repair itself very quickly. Award Bewitched . 4. 20% MIDNIGHT KENTUCKY BLUEGRASS 20% NUDESTINY KENTUCKY BLUEGRASS 20% NUGLADE KENTUCKY BLUEGRASS 20% RUGBY II KENTUCKY BLUEGRASS. It is … Stem Rust . ft. Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass is very dark green and, although they dont usually resume growth until late spring, tolerate high temperatures. Kentucky bluegrass is dark blue-green and has shallow roots. Write a review. It also has moderate disease resistance and good tolerance for close mowing. Color . It will give you a desirable yield. Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass is a very dark, uniform, dense turf and is fairly aggressive. A class unto itself, Midnight is the strongest performing Kentucky bluegrass ever developed. 20% Action Kentucky Bluegrass 20% Blitz Kentucky Bluegrass 10% Baron Kentucky Bluegrass. 5. A good value for low-maintenance athletic fields Details. Bonaire Kentucky Bluegrass. Brooklawn Kentucky Bluegrass. Shade Tolerance . Diva . Cover the entire lawn with 1/4 inch of organic manure. With a dark green, compact growth habit, Midnight's unique beauty & performance have stood out in National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP), private, and university trials for more than 20 years. Outsidepride Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Lawn Grass Seed: 10 pounds [su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#ffffff” link_color=”#000″ size=”5″] [su_divider top=”no” size=”0″ margin=”20″] 1.

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