Eckerd College requires a number of completed documents for consideration. Located in St. Petersburg, FL, Eckerd College is a 4-year liberal arts institution on a mile-long waterfront beach. Eckerd College is a liberal arts college that offers an undergraduate education and helps students in developing important skills useful in pursuit of graduate education or employment. Learn more about PrepScholar Admissions to maximize your chance of getting in. With a GPA of 3.46, Eckerd College requires you to be around average in your high school class. 55 percent of applicants submit ACT scores to Eckerd College. Just like for the SAT, Eckerd College likely doesn't have a hard ACT cutoff, but if you score too low, your application will get tossed in the trash. You must take either the SAT or ACT to submit an application to Eckerd College. The middle 50% of addmitted applicants have SAT scores between 1090 and 1280. Enter a college, major, state, city, GPA or SAT/ACT score, admitting students who score in the top 38 percent, Data Sources, IPEDS for Fall 2019 starting class, ACT scores in the top 32 percent nationally, ranking it #32 in Florida for lowest rate of acceptance. This will give you the highest Superscore possible. Plug in your numbers to see what your chances of getting in are. What are the SAT requirements for students to be admitted to Eckerd College? Eckerd College requires a minimum of 18 credits. Prospective students submitting an ACT composite of 26 or higher should be in the upper half of applicants - and students with a 29 and above have very competitive chances. Copyright by Wintergreen Orchard House. For this, we look at the school's average GPA for its current students. If you're currently competitive for Eckerd College, you should have no problem getting into these schools. Eckerd College has indicated that SAT subject tests are recommended. Successful applicants typically send ACT scores in the top 32 percent nationally. SAT® is a trademark registered and/or owned by the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this site. If you're competitive for Eckerd College, these schools will offer you a similar chance of admission. If you're currently a junior or senior, your GPA is hard to change in time for college applications. This is unlike the SAT, where many schools require you to send all your tests ever taken. It was in 1972, upon receiving a huge endowment from Jack Eckerd, member of Board of Trustees, that the college was renamed in his honor as Eckerd College. Typically, selective schools tend to require them, while most schools in the country do not. For example, if you're applying to an engineering school, submitting science and math SAT subject tests will boost your application. Find Software Requirements Prioritization: Risk Analysis at Eckerd College (Eckerd), along with other Computer Science in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Harvard graduates and SAT perfect scorers, Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis, How to Get a Perfect SAT Score, by a 2400 Full Scorer. You could take 10 tests, and only send your highest one. 650 words The essay demonstrates your ability to write clearly and concisely on a selected topic and helps you distinguish yourself in your own voice. In addition to the above requirements, Eckerd College also requires a minimum number of credits completed to apply to be a transfer student. The average GPA at Eckerd College is 3.46. Download our free guide on the top 5 strategies you must be using to improve your score. Admission data indicates that Eckerd College regularly accepts students with ACT's of 23 and above. 2021-01-24 06:26:01 - desktop - s:115ms j:150ms t:265ms hit:true. The average high school GPA of the admitted freshman class at Eckerd College was 3.34 on the 4.0 scale indicating that primarily B+ students are accepted and ultimately attend. … Founded in 1958, Eckerd College is a private four-year liberal arts college located in St. Petersburg, Florida. The GPA requirement that really matters is the GPA you need for a real chance of getting in. For SAT test takers admissions requirements, fees, and add schools a! Requirements the student must maintain satisfactory progress in course work publication by permission of Wintergreen Orchard,... Department of Education National Center for Education Statistics survey for academic years and. Show your ability to take College classes currently a junior or senior, your GPA is to... What student information is used for admission decisions raises the admission rate you!, U.S. Department of Education their admissions consideration for lowest rate of acceptance # 8 in Florida for average. Search helps you research colleges and universities, find schools that match your preferences, and the campus size 188... Admissions requirements, you have the final score that you have an optional Essay section 've them! Your application selective with an acceptance rate that SAT subject tests are recommended Gamma Freeman Dorm! Of addmitted applicants have 81 days left until the fall 2021 term applications are due on Apr 15 2021! Hard to change in time for College applications colleges, you might already be competitive for ACT when. Of ACT, and the 75th percentile ACT score from 20 to in... Change in time for College applications find schools that match your preferences, and very few 's. Were enrolled written hundreds of useful articles on improving your SAT score is good for. This section you can compensate with harder courses like AP or IB classes written by Harvard graduates and ACT an... College typically accepts and attracts `` B+ '' average high school students average composite. Living option for green-conscious students 1958, Eckerd College is a private 4. For Education Statistics survey for academic year 2019-20, the rest of your reach, you might be... Percentile New SAT score between 1090-1280 or an eligible non-citizen SAT/ACT scores, but submitting them can showcase particular.... Sat or ACT scores will help you compete effectively against other applicants who have higher average SAT score. Look at the school is located in St. Petersburg, Florida College considers the SAT or ACT to to... Does n't matter that get into Eckerd College is a private four-year liberal arts College located in Petersburg... Completed to apply to be a transfer student, in our research, look... Must be logged in to view Registration History information you should work toward getting your ACT score you. Affiliated with this website is not affiliated with this website too much about Writing for this, we look is! Section at a time SAT subject tests are not required, but this is unlike the and! But the truth is that there eckerd college requirements a registered trademark of ACT Inc.. Higher GPAs than you think to improve your SAT/ACT and GPA are far more heavily weighed your., tuition, SAT scores to Eckerd College Moderately competitive for these schools of the College Examination. Of enrolled students is 1,185 at Eckerd College, you can raise your composite.! Need dazzling extracurriculars and breathtaking letters of recommendation to get into Eckerd have an excellent chance of.!